What we use

We don't have any 'secret-sauce' like some providers suggest. However, we do have a well-made, modified version of Pterodactyl panel for which we manage customer's servers. Without modification, Pterodactyl panel already has a range of advantages over other game server control panels - all we've done is sprinkled in a few nice-to-haves.

Account features

Security controls

Secure your account with 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) using any app of your choice.

Account api

Develop your own apps to interface with the panel. Documentation can be found here.


Access node announcements and status updates through the panel - no need to refresh Twitter.

Main features


See exactly what's happening on your server, submit commands, and monitor usage statistics.

File management

Upload, remove, move, copy, unpack, and rename files on your server - all without using an FTP client.


Give your friends access to your server, and amend their permissions as you see fit.


Schedule custom events (commands or power actions) to occur at specific intervals or dates.


Setup, configure, and utilise your included databases (up to 3) through the panel.


Reinstall your server back to how you got it - helpful if you want a fresh start.


Create on-server backups that can be reverted or downloaded at any time.

Mod manager

Manage which mods you decide to use from our one-click mod manager.


Setup a FastDL server in a single click (for Garry's Mod, CS:GO, and CS:S only).