Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server hosting

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Minecraft bedrock edition supports mobile, console, and Windows platforms. Includes the benefits listed on our homepage.

£/GB of RAM Players RAM Storage DDoS protection Price
2.50 up to 8gb* (terms apply) protected from £2.50/mo. Order now
Instant setup
Fast support

*Each gb of RAM should support approximately 15 additional players.


CPU - Intel E-2276G (super fast)
RAM - ECC DDR4 (really reliable)
Storage - NVMe SSDs (wicked quick)
Uplink - 2.5Gbit/s (ultra stable)

Panel features

Our panel is packed full of useful features, including a full console (with usage statistics), file management system, subuser system, 2FA (2 Factor Authentication - for increased security), one-click backups, and much more.

Not convinced our panel is all that great for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition? View full panel features