Minecraft server hosting

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Includes the benefits listed on our homepage. Looking for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (Minecraft: Pocket Edition, MC:PE)? Don't worry, we host that too!

Grass tier

1024mb (1gb) of RAM, NVMe storage, player slots*


1-4 players



Wood tier

2048mb (2gb) of RAM, NVMe storage, player slots*


1-10 players


1-3 players

Cobblestone tier

3072mb (3gb) of RAM, NVMe storage, player slots*


1-20 players


1-8 players

Coal tier

4096mb (4gb) of RAM, NVMe storage, player slots*


1-35 players


1-15 players

Iron tier

8192mb (8gb) of RAM, NVMe storage, player slots*


1-75 players


1-40 players

Diamond tier

16384mb (16gb) of RAM, NVMe storage, player slots*


250+ players


1-80 players
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Plenty of mods

*Our Terms of Service apply, and player slots are uncapped but we've provided recommendations.


CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 PRO 3900 (rapid)
RAM - ECC DDR4 (really reliable)
Storage - NVMe SSDs (wicked quick)
Uplink - 1Gbit/s (ultra stable)


Our only location currently is in Düsseldorf, DE. We have plans to expand to other countries, but for now, our Düsseldorf location provides excellent ping for much of Europe - for example London has a ping of ~20ms.


Mod support

You want mods? We've got plenty...

All versions of vanilla are supported, and new versions will be available as soon as they're released. As for various APIs, we include one-click installs of the latest versions of (from A-Z):
Bukkit, Forge, Paper and Spigot.
Through our control panel, you can install any Curseforge pack that's available on the Curseforge website. Curseforge relatively recently became the main repository for FTB packs, as well as some community-made technic packs and plenty of other community-made modpacks. We've made it super simple to change between Curseforge modpacks in only a few clicks!
Currently we only support a few official modpacks which generally can't be found on Curseforge. They are (from A-Z): Attack of the B-Team, Blightfall, Hexxit, Tekkit Classic, Tekkit Legends, and the 1.7.10 Pack. If you have any suggestions for others you'd like to see in the future, send us a support ticket.

Minecraft-only panel features

One-click plugin installs

Browse plugins (from Spigot) and install them in a single click, all through the control panel.

One-click API installs

Install any of the Vanilla APIs (listed above) in a single click - no more faffing around with server files.

Not convinced our panel is all that great for Minecraft? View full panel features