Garry's Mod (GMod) server hosting

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Includes the benefits listed on our homepage.

£/Slot Players RAM Storage DDoS protection Price
0.40 up to 80 (terms apply) protected from £4/mo. Order now
Plenty of mods


CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 PRO 3900 (rapid)
RAM - ECC DDR4 (really reliable)
Storage - NVMe SSDs (wicked quick)
Uplink - 1Gbit/s (ultra stable)


Our only location currently is in Düsseldorf, DE. We have plans to expand to other countries, but for now, our Düsseldorf location provides excellent ping for much of Europe - for example London has a ping of ~20ms.


Mod support

You want mods? We've got plenty that can be installed in a single click...

We've got a collection of GMod-defining gamemodes ready to install right away (not including Sandbox, as this is the default gamemode). They are (from A-Z):
Not quite as exciting as our gamemodes on offer, however, the content listed is often a necessity for various maps. Without these installed, props from the listed games won't appear, or may not be interactable. Good we've got ya covered then! We include (from A-Z):
There are some addons you can't go without when running a GMod server. For this reason, we've included a few of the best (from A-Z):

Panel features

Our panel is packed full of useful features, including a full console (with usage statistics), file management system, subuser system, 2FA (2 Factor Authentication - for increased security), one-click backups, and much more.

Not convinced our panel is all that great for Garry's Mod? View full panel features