Free Minecraft server hosting

What's this?

We're launching Minecraft servers, free for everyone. There are some caveats to these servers opposed to our paid tiers (listed below). Regardless, our free servers are a great way to get playing with a few of your friends.

To get started, simply join on the latest version (1.15.2) to create a server through our hub - no sign-up required!

Free vs paid

There are pros and cons of choosing a free server over a paid server, so we'll go over them here.

Free Paid
Cost Doesn't cost anything - free forever! Costs very little compared to other providers.
Service specifics Servers are only online when at least 1 player is active on the server. Servers are shutdown 10 minutes after the last player logs off. Servers can only be started by the original creator. Servers can be left up 24/7, shutdown as and when required, and subusers can be given permissions to modify certain control panel features.
Player slots There's a player cap of 10 players per server (you can reduce this if necessary). All tiers have no player slot limit.
Plugin availability There's a limited selection of plugins available (plugins may be added or removed based on user suggestions) and only 5 can be used at a time. Any plugin can be installed either through our control panel or manually uploaded.
Modpack availability No modpacks available. Thousands of modpacks available via Curseforge, several APIs and Technic packs.
Settings Limited settings must be amended through the server - there isn't a control panel. You get full access to our fully fledged control panel, where you can edit every game file.
Startup specifics If our free servers are at maximum capacity, you may have to wait a while to start up your server. You can boot up and shut down your server whenever - there's no waiting around.
Support No access to support. 24/7 support available from our helpful support staff.

It's worth noting that if you decide to upgrade to a paid server, we can transfer across your server files from your free server for you - simply contact support.

Prefer a paid Minecraft server? View our paid tiers