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Installing CS:S (and TF2) map content

This method works the same for both CS:S and TF2.

  1. Go to the control panel, select your server, then go down to "mod manager"
  2. Once there, click install on whichever content packs you need installed - you can leave the page once it says it's installing
  3. Next, go to "file management", then navigate through to /garrysmod/cfg and open mount.cfg
  4. When in the mount config, change the location of "cstrike" (or "tf" for tf2 content) to "/home/container/cstrike" (or "/home/container/tf" for tf2) and "save file"
  5. Go back to the cstrike (or tf) folder and ensure the zip has extracted (if it hasn't, give it some more time)
  6. Once it has, you can go back to the console and restart your server

That's it! Your content pack should be installing / installed.

— AN

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