About us

On the 21st of January, game host network was incorporated as a limited company. The core principals of our business are to simplify the hosting market through flat rate pricing and stellar performance (on a budget) - we do that while keeping our service as transparent as possible. We've got plenty of stand-out features from our competition, but we'll keep our description short and sweet... We try to make our knowledge base as useful a tool as we can by creating answers which are commonly searched for by our clients. If you can't find a suitable answer, our support lines open all day and night in case we haven't yet covered your query. Committed to our promise of transparency, wherever we can cut costs without affecting performance or stability, we do. Any savings we then make are passed on to our clients, through coupons or price cuts. Lastly, our 7-day refund policy means you can try our service, and if you don't like it, we'll provide a full refund. That was just a few of the features which set us apart; if you like what you see, give us a try!

So this is us: we're a small team, but we're super passionate about online gaming. We hope that this passion will be evident, along with our quality of service, to show our customers what a good GSP (Gaming Service Provider) looks like. If you have any further queries, our FAQs may help. If not, we're available to talk every day (from 9:00 until 22:00 BST) via our chat at the bottom right.

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— AN (Director)