About us

Founded on the 21st of January this year, game host network (a small group of nerds in the UK) set out to create a simpler, more transparent game hosting company. While providing all the goodies that customers look for in a host, such as stellar performance and helpful support, what makes us different is that we care (obsessively) over our customer’s experience with us. We’re not the kind of business to charge for silly extras like “CPU priority”, nor one that separates our services into “premium” and “budget” tiers - so you must be in good company with us. Poor puns aside, we’re geeks at heart and although we don’t have as many years of experience as other hosts, we’re dedicated to providing the best experience through any means possible. If you have any further queries, our FAQs may help. If not, we're available to talk every day (from 9:00 until 22:00 BST) via our chat at the bottom right

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Aidan Nixon

Our hardware and software

CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 PRO 3900 (rapid)
RAM - ECC DDR4 (really reliable)
Storage - NVMe SSDs (wicked quick)
Uplink - 1Gbit/s (ultra stable)
We use Pterodactyl panel. View full panel features

What our customers think

"I have received an unbelievably great service from Aidan on the Gamehost Network team..."
- Exploding Ember
"Probably one of the most easy and best experiences I have had with a game provider."
- Luke
"The server I have is very reliable and we have had no issues. The support is excellent as well..."
- Rhys