The new kid on the block...

Game Host Network was founded as a limited company on the 21st of January 2020 by Aidan Nixon. Since this is the founder writing this, I'll skip the pointless third-person story telling... I had attempted to found a game hosting company many years ago for the same reasons that game host network exists today; server hosts generally convolute their order process, forcing customers to pay more, and provide subpar service. The top providers usually make their customers pay extra for optimal CPU priority, clock speed, storage, and RAM. This is a fundamentally money-grabbing approach to server hosting - and it doesn't have to be this way. Through clever budgeting, we're able to offer the best possible hardware, software and support experience without having our customers pay extra. We know it may seem a poor choice to trust a new server host to provide exceptional service, however, with our 7 day refund scheme, there is no risk in giving us a go.

So this is us: we're a small team, but we're super passionate about online gaming. We hope that this passion will be evident, along with our quality of service, to show our customers what a good GSP (Gaming Service Provider) looks like.

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— AN